Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Broken Braies

Okay, those braies I was talking about? I attempted them last night. I can safely say my brain, at this exact moment in time, does not think in 3 dimensions. Very 2D here. I had to cut it out of paper to see how it would work and realized that the pattern wasn't to scale, which is understandable, but my brain went into *zot* mode. Because it wasn't to scale, I couldn't determine the dimensions correctly and since they were designed for a male, they didn't take into account the hips (which didn't really occur to me until after I attempted a different pattern entirely). It's funny the differences in body shape you only think about when you're forced to do so. I attempted valiantly to do the math, but I simply couldn't figure out how to do those properly. Give me more time, it might work itself out in my head eventually.

I attempted to find a different pattern. Something more simple. When I found Conjectural Mid-14th Century Braies. The construction was more simple and along lines I likely could follow without too much difficulty, but it wasn't until after I'd cut out the cotton material that I realized the pattern didn't take into account the hip measurement. Eventually that will come as a natural thought, but since clothing construction and I are not the best of friends, the thought didn't occur to me until after I was done cutting the pieces. It's okay tho. Not a lot of material used, especially not linen. :D

I'll try again later, but I think I'm going to let it rest for a few days while my brain has time to mull over the situation. Did the same thing with the steuchlein, so hopefully it'll work for the braies. If nothing else, I can work on an apron!

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