Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fabric Understandings

I am fabric ignorant. Yes, I can freely admit that without much shame.

I understand there are different contents; silk, wool, linen, cotton, rayon, etc..

I understand that there are different weights, though I have no idea how they determine the weight of a fabric.

And I understand that there are different weaves.

(NOTE: If there are other understandings, I'm either unable to bring them to mind or I still have no clue.)

Today, someone on the GermanRenCostume Yahoo group was kind enough to post some JSTOR articles on the weaves of fabric. I've never made a point of understanding the weaves to fabric, they've always mystified me, but if I'm going to make clothing, it might be a good idea, yeah? With this in mind, I copied the JSTOR articles and posted them to my box in the right hand column of this blog. I really appreciate many JSTOR articles and I hope others can get use out of them too.

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