Monday, October 22, 2007

Garters Continued

Doing a little more 'garter' research, I fell back on the beginning... &

c.1350, from O.N.Fr. gartier "band just above or below the knee," from garet "bend of the knee," perhaps from Gaul. (cf. Welsh garr "leg"). Garter, highest order of knighthood, according to Froissart established c.1344 by Edward III, though the usual story of how it came about is late (1614) and perhaps apocryphal. Garter snake (U.S.) so called from resemblance to a ribbon. Garter belt first noticed 1959.

schliefchen - a German term I've seen in reference to medieval garters, but I can't substantiate that right now.

Long and the short of it, a narrow tie, whether cloth (tied) or leather (buckled), would suffice for garters. Bingo, easy enough. :)

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elfchen said...

The Term "Schliefchen" seam to be familiar with "Schleifchen".
This means little bow. I think this means to tie ribbons/tapes around your leg and make a bow (Schliefchen)