Monday, October 29, 2007

Hemd Experiment

Likely another case of overthinking, but I was attempting to figure out how to do the pleats on the collar of the hemd. I was trying smocking and honey comb pleats (which I learned how to do at RUSH a few weeks ago), but neither of them were turning out right. Well, to be frank, I'm not 100% sure about how to do the smocking. I figured out how to do the pleats for the smocking, but not the "smocking" itself. (Yeah, overthinking I'm sure) So instead I'm doing the knife pleats I used for the steuchlein, but I'm not making them anywhere near as wide. I'm not looking for stiffness, but elasticity. So for ever 1/4" pleat you see on the front, there's 1/2" of material behind it, then the next 1/4" pleat and so on. They should lay fairly flat after I put an edging on it, but I'll know better when I'm done. I'm experimenting with cotton and figure I'll make a smaller version for my daughter first. :D Ya know, too much experimenting with smaller versions will make my daughter one of the better dressed little kids out there and she just *hates* dressup... Yeah, right, who am I kidding. :D

I might end up doing cartridge pleats instead, but I know next to nothing about doing them. I'll finish with what I'm doing and see how it turns out and if it doesn't look right, I'll follow How to Cartridge Pleat a Skirt and try that instead, but no use getting the cart before the horse, right? Onward!

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