Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kleid / Housebook Dress

Skimming through a few archives I finally settled on a name for the dresses I'm attempting. Housebook dress. I've seen it used before, but I didn't make a connection and since everything seems to have a name, that's the one I've found will best direct me where I need to go. Hopefully with that in mind, getting my dresses designed won't be as much of a headache. *crosses fingers*

MedCos: Medieval and Renaissance Costuming Community (You need to be a member to view what's on this site.) has a bit of information that I hope will work in my favor for getting one of these done!

First, someone posted the following image, which I hope helps me figure this out.

Since it's written as Durer's housebook dress, I went searching for what they meant exactly and found the following, which I'm assuming is what they are referring to.

or this.

In any case, they are very similar to the dress I want to do in one of my previous posts... http://scagermanrenaissance.blogspot.com/2007/09/projects-and-understanding.html
Therefore, this is what I'm going to attempt.


Cathy said...


I'm one of the MedCos moderators, and I just thought I'd post to say that you *don't* need to be a member to view the site; you can hit the button for "log in as guest." If you do that, you can see the discussions and the picture gallery, but you can't post messages or comments.

Holly said...

Anna Meyer

Hello I am Holly, (Lady Anna Meyer Kingdom Northshield). Do you know where I can find images of constructing a woman's fiffed sleeve? I have seen pictures before, but I have firgotten where. Thank you.

Khaentlahn said...

I'm afraid that I'm having difficulty figuring out what fiffed sleeves are. Would you mind explaining the term? I'd be more than happy to do some looking for images.

Mz. B.Trousers said...

Hello. Just discovered this blog, and I have to THANK YOU! for putting so much great information in one place.
I also wanted to say - that's my housebook frock diagram! I hope it did help.

Khaentlahn said...

For someone with very little understanding of clothing construction in general (yes, I'm that bad... I can't "see" something represented in 2 dimensions as 3D to save my life) your diagram helped the pieces of the dress make more sense.