Friday, October 26, 2007


A kind gentle on the GermanRen group posted some links of groups I wasn't aware existed. It's sometimes difficult to search for groups that study my chosen persona timeframe when they're in German or some other language currently foreign to me. I've added the original links to my link list, but I'm also going to add the translated versions here. I used Google's translator to do them, therefore, I'm sure there are some discrepancies, but it at least gives an idea. This should give me a jumping off point for research today. :D

Anno 1476

Nürnberger Aufgebot 1474

Diu Minnezit

Erlach-Kleid by 1470, Switzerland


Jens-Boerner said...


Our site will in the near future be translated into english, but because of the amount of text collected this will take some time. If you have questions, be free to send us an mail in english or frenc.

with kind regards,
Diu Minnezît

Khaentlahn said...

This is wonderful! I can't wait to see it. Thank you.