Monday, October 29, 2007

Wulst Steps

As I was having a minor discussion today, I realized I hadn't posted my thoughts on the matter here, so I'm going to remedy this oversight. Tho mentally I'm starting with the Curious Frau's idea, I realized I changed directions in mid-thought. She has posted on her site a detail from Susanna in the Bath and the Stoning of the Elders, where it shows what looks like a padded cap in the background. Since this painting was produced in 1526 and it's based on a Biblical story, it makes me wonder if the padded cap might have been put there for 'age' purposes since it would have been worn 50 or so years earlier. (Completely conjectural on my part since it's hard to find surviving wulsts from what I've seen thus far.) If the edge around the head is pleated, it should fit nicely around the head without too much difficulty. At least, to get the effect from some of the larger headdresses like in most of the Housebook Masters drawings.

I found a very cool site a little bit ago where you can purchase an already made wulsthaube. I'd like to actually buy one if I can translate it well enough to do so. :D


Going to add the main site to my link list. There's more there than I was anticipating.

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