Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I wanted to get away from another project for a little bit so I decided pattens should be visited. Delving into various pieces of artwork that Pattens and Overshoes in 15th Century Art was kind enough to provide, I realized that pattens weren't just worn with shoes, or at least, Vanity by Hans Memling - 1485 seems to portray that in his painting. They also come in many shapes (usually pointed for poulaines), such as viewed in the following:

The First Foolish Virgin by Martin Schongauer - c1483

The Fifth Foolish Virgin by Martin Schongauer - c1483

The Birth of Mary by the Master of the Life of the Virgin - 1470

Interesting notation about this next piece of art, the jester in the parti colored clothing of black and red is wearing pattens, but he's wearing them backward. If you look carefully, the point for poulaines toes is in the back.

Archery Festival by Unknown Master - 1493

I like the mules (house slippers) in this one:

Bathsheba by Hans Memling - 1485

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