Friday, June 6, 2008


I've compiled a file recently with all the research I've been doing on the Holy Roman Empire. Between images and otherwise, the file is over 500 pages long, but don't let that number confuse things. Most of the images are exploded to an entire page for easier viewing. I've also included whatever patterns I've been able to find. I believe I can make an entire outfit from what I've collected.

I've finished my daughter's hemd, tho it's not completely accurate. The sleeves are short for summer wear, but they look almost like small butterfly wings. Since she's only 3, I'm not as worried about it. I also neglected to write about it in the other blog, but hopefully I'll catch it up when I make the time to do so.

Currently I'm working on my husband's shirt and it's going better than I thought. I have no skill with sewing, but I've found a few helpful beginner's guides and it's not as hard as I'd originally considered. It helps to know what you're doing before you start on something. :) There are a few errors in what I've constructed for him, but it'll work. This first attempt is constructed of cotton so I wouldn't waste the linen on a learning project, but I'll make one of linen for both him and myself as soon as I know I can complete the first one. I've gone with another pattern for our shirts based on a style from about 1520 I found in Costuming by Sarah Thursfield - Part 2: Medieval Shirts and Smocks.

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