Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thus far I have attempted to make two different gloves, both were miserable failures. I'm not quite certain what I'm doing wrong so far other than I'm simply not understanding the instructions. I also don't have the ability to visualize something in 3D, always been an issue, but I'm going to try yet again this afternoon and hopefully come up with something useful.

My first thought on my construction problem is that I'm ending up with not enough fabric to actually make the fingers fit. I was also getting an odd twist in my mockup fabric. The thumb fit almost perfectly, but when it came to the first finger, the fabric was twisting around enough that the seam was on the pad of my finger instead of the side where it belonged. I have no idea what caused that either. I expanded the fabric on the second pair and it still doesn't appear to be enough, so I will try yet again and hope for the best!

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Khaentlahn said...

Thank you most kindly. :D