Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chemise Binding

This has absolutely nothing to do with clothing, believe it or not.  This is, in fact, a short segment on chemise bindings for books.  During the late middle ages, chemise bindings were used to protect valuable books from wear and tear.  Think of them as modern day dust covers made of flexible materials, such as thin leather, cloth, paper, etc.  The links at the bottom of this post refer mostly to cloth chemise as opposed to leather or paper.  Cloth being as fragile as it is, deteriorates over time.  Therefore, though I've found a lot of references indicating that they were used all over Europe during roughly the 13th - 16th centuries, I can't find any covers specific to Germany or the Germanic regions.  This isn't going to stop me.  For now, I'm posting what I have found on chemise bindings for future reference, which, unfortunately, isn't much.  Hopefully I'll find more information later, but the following should present a fairly simple project for just about any level of sewing ability.

Chemise Binding (Valencia?, circa 1460)
Making a Chemise Binding by Coblaith Muimnech