Monday, October 11, 2010

General Clothing 2

A quick addendum to my previous post and a few random thoughts on General Clothing:

I've been working on Project Gutenberg's DP site and I was proofreading a book entitled Paris Vistas.  In the book on page 291 the woman is lamenting the clothing available to her and I quote:

"I used to have half a dozen "nice little dressmakers" on my list and as many milliners to whom I could send friends confidently.  But as the war dragged on, one after the other they disappointed me.  If it were not poor cut and shoddy materials, it was inability to make delivery anywhere near the time promised.  Everyone must have been in my position, because when I turned to the department stores for ready-made things, I found long lines awaiting for a turn with the sales woman..."

At the turn of the last century, ready-made clothing was basically second-rate clothing.  Milliners and dressmakers were much more common. It's amazing how effectively our society lost it's basic ability to make their own clothing in the last 100 years.  Modern patterns are unfortunately the second-rate ready-made clothing variety.  Making our own SCA clothing should not be reinventing the wheel.  We simply need to relearn what was at one time common knowledge.  Think about it, even though the method of buying clothing has changed, the ultimate construction has remained relatively the same.

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