Friday, September 16, 2011

My Daughter's Garb List

There are times while raising children that you want them to 'grow up' and others where you want them to slow down.  I know I've fallen prey to both of these upon occasion and recently I have been dealing with one in particular.  My daughter is after me about making her better fitting garb, which, granted, is necessary as a child grows, but she's only 6.  Should she be that concerned?  She's a little girl that likes dresses... and playing in the dirt.  SCA events are great for that!  So, yes, I suppose she should be concerned.  Mommy is falling down on the job.

In any case, I have determined (and I told her I would, so she won't let me forget) that I'm going to make her a new hemd and a simple kleid (overdress), but then that started me thinking... she should also have a pouch[1], a coif, an apron, unterhosen, hosen and maaaybe a belt[2], and, well, the shoes.  I am going to do my best to document this journey and maybe it will help others with children get garb done for them also.

So, here's the list for better viewing (definitely in no particular order):
  1. hemd
  2. kleid (overdress)
  3. coif - [Started a few weeks ago, but it's lying there... weeping at me.]
  4. apron
  5. unterhosen (braies)
  6. hosen
  7. pouch - [Leather or cloth?]
  8. belt - [Leather or cloth?]
  9. shoes

Therefore, first thing's first, I should make the hemd (since she has an overdress she *can* wear with it) and I will use the method I used in my previous posts making her hemd from a few years ago.

As a side note, I wanted to see what it would be like using the fabric widths that would have been available in my time frame.  How do you find that kind of information?  All you 'hear' is that the width of fabric was smaller than it is now.  Is the fabric width *that* important in someone her size?  I think I'll leave that query for some other project.

For next time, measuring my daughter and making the hemd 'pattern'...

1  She hasn't decided on what pouch she would prefer, so I'm leaving that for a leather working (or possibly one out of fabric) to a later date in time.
2 As I typed that final item I realized the list could keep getting longer, so I had to stop somewhere!

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