Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Points and Brass Aglets

Fabulous, I found a site for those troublesome points.  They look like this...

I think of them as medieval 'shoe' laces, but ... not for shoes. :D  I've been looking recently to find a down-and-dirty how-to and I found one!  My only caveat is that I am unable to, at present, find archaeological evidence for the aglets with holes and rivets piercing the brass, therefore, I may not have my husband make them with them.  Doesn't mean they didn't exist! ...I just can't find them right now. 

Step-by-Step instructions for producing Eyelets, Points and Brass Aglets 

The brass is a hubby project, but I'll tackle the cording, which, incidentally, can be handled with finger-loop braids. I've done plenty of these braids in the past. The only drawback is that I tend to hold the cording fairly tight and eventually I cause my fingers to get red and irritated. I really need to learn to moderate that practice.

Also, the points don't have to have aglets, which might actually be a good thing in the long run, but then how do you finish the ends without a big knot? My current assumption is with a whipping knot, like what is used for rope. There are many drawings which show points tied with nothing at the ends of the ties, though I haven't included any of them here. I will as time allows.

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