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Recipes from the Kochbuch of Maria Stenglerin 1554 - Part 1

As stated previously, I have no linguistic background, therefore, this is a very rough translation of a 16th century German cookbook from Augsburg using the help of an online translator, the Meister Eberhard's Kochbuch translation (15th cent) and Sabrina Welserrin's Kochbuch translation (c1553).  I have provided the German as well as the English where I have deciphered the words. 

1  Item nimb schón mel vnnd ayr mach ain daig darauβ,
well in wol bis er nit mer klebt, darnach walgle ain Runds
pletzlen, Nimb ain marck von aim ochsen, thu klaine weinber
Zucker vnd Rerle darann vnnd lass gemach bachen.

Marrow Dumplings
1  Take flour and eggs. Make a dough,
roll it out well, it should not stick; afterward,  it should be a thin flat round,
take the marrow of an oxen, put currant
sugar and cinnamon into it and let slowly bake.

Ain Basteten von kalbflaisch.
2  Item nimb ain stuckh kelberin flaisch, lass ain wal thon,
vnnd nimb ain halb pfund faystin ab dem nieren vom ochsen
hacks klain anainander, und nimb weinber, Imber, pfeffer, und
Saltz, Riers durch ainand, vnnd ain wenig saffren, thus dann
in ain hafen, vnd das helb von harten airn leg darein, vnnd
bestres woll mit Rerle vnd geus ain glesslin mit wein vnd
flaischprie darann vnnd lass allso backen.

A Pastry of Veal (Calf Flesh)
2  Take stuckh? strips of meat, let it come to a boil
and take a half pound fat from the kidney of oxen
chop them together, and take currant, ginger, pepper and
salt, stir it together and a little saffron, put it
in a pot, add to it the yellow of hard eggs and
season? well with cinnamon and pour a glesslin? with wine and
meat broth into it and let it also bake.

This recipe is similar to one in Sabrina Welserin's Cookbook [German / English] #60, which is as follows:

60 Ain pasteten von kalbflesch zú machen

Nempt das kelberin flesch hinden ain diech zú procken
vnnd seuds jn ainem wasser/ vngefarlich so lang man herte
air seudt, darnach nims heraus/ vnnd hack das flesch klain
vnnd nim ain faistin von ainem nieren vnnd schneids klain
vnnd hacks vnnder das kelberin/ vnnd wan es klaingehackt
jst/ so thú es jn ain schissel/ vnnd thú ain wenig ain wein
daran vnnd ain zimlichen schepfleffel voll fleschbrie daran,
pfeffer vnnd ain wenig múscatblie, die gantz seý, erdrucks
ain wenig mit den henden, das es ain wenig klain seý, thú
weinberlen daran vnnd saffern vnnd riers als mitt ainem leffel
dúrchainander, thú rerlach aúch daran vnnd versúchs,
wie dich gut dúnckt.

60 To make a veal pie

Take pieces of veal from the leg and boil them in water, about as long as it takes to hard boil an egg. Afterwards take them out and chop the meat small, and take suet from the kidneys and cut it small and chop it with the veal. And when it is finely chopped, then put it in a bowl and put some wine into it and an ample ladelful of broth , pepper and a little mace, which should be whole. Crush it a little by hand so that it in small pieces, put in it raisins and saffron and stir it all up together with a spoon, put cinnamon in it also, and taste it, however it seems good to you.

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