Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking Apart Images - Part 7.2 - Couple Playing Cards by Israhel von Mechenem

Now for the clothing... First, their hats.  On first glance, her's reminds me of an exaggerated pill box design with what almost looks like a band wrapped around the base.  Is that a convention of the artist or is this a typical steuchlein/wulsthaub construction that looks more square than normal from this angle?  You can see the typical hair braids peaking out from the side, so I'm leaning toward the second idea.  She also appears to have a very sheer veil covering the head gear to just above her eyes.  Near the back you can just make out her hair fringe.

His head gear... where the hair fringe (if that's what it is called for a male) is very apparent.  I've seen this style previously, but for the life of me, I can't find any of the other examples right now.

Her sleeve... where you can just make out the pleats (gathers) at the end of the sleeve and the ties on the back of the arm.  Were these sleeves pushed back for card playing or were they designed to be this short?  It's hard to tell from this rendering.

His schaub...

Their poulaines... You can even see hers peaking from underneath her skirts.

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