Monday, October 24, 2011

Landsknecht Project List Updated - Somewhat

I was going through my original project list for my husband's landsknecht kit and realized that it really needed to be updated, both with information and with terms in usage.  I've left the original names in brackets with the original numbering to remove any confusion, but the majority of the rest is new.

1.) Hemd [Shirt]

2a.) Wams [Doublet]

Wams were constructed in many different ways generally from wool.  They were basically the 'doublet' (wams) worn under the 'over-doublet' (lederwams). 

2b.) Lederwams

Leder, or leather, was the material used to construct Lederwams.  This is the section of a landsknechts clothing that helped to protect their clothing from battle or so has been implied.  From the way this piece of clothing fits to the wearers form and the low weight of the leather needed to make it (~3-4 oz), I'm unable to wrap my mind around how it would provide much protection, but we'll use this as our premise for now.

2c.) Ledergollar

I've also seen this term used for what appears to be the same piece of clothing.  What is the difference?  I'm not sure, honestly.  Lederwams is translatable into leather jerkin, whereas I'm unable to find a translation for gollar except to find people referring to it as a padded vest.  Perhaps the lederwams were more stylish and the ledergollar was used more for light armor...?

3.) Pluderhosen [Trews]

4.) Waffenroch

5.) Hosen [Stockings]

6.) Coif [Head-wrap or Undercap]

7.) Tellerbarret [Over-hat]

8.) Cow-mouthed Shoes [Shoes]

10.) Unterhosen [Braies / Underwear]

11.) Points


M said...

I've seen the term "gollar" used to identify a type of short cape with a tight-fitting collar. My best guess is the ledergollar would be the equivalent of a leather gorget that also covered the collarbone and shoulders.

DaWie said...

Hello from Germany! ;o)
The right Term is "Goller" or "Koller" ;o) It´s a part of armor.
Goller = neck and shoulder protection

Not to be confused with the Goller for women.

" A Goller (regional Upper German), otherwise Koller (from the Latin collare, collar), is a garment that is worn as a kind of loose Überwams (collar) around the neck and shoulders, and cover partially and chest, back or neck can. He was often secured by a Gollerkette under the armpits. Goller was one of the 15th to 18 Century, many women's costumes, such as the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland (see also: Goeller (garment)). He was partly furnished with velvet and fur, with precious lace, pearls and delicate embroidery embellished or made ​​entirely of lace.

Goller of leather or other stronger materials were used as part of a defense, in the 17th Century, it was further developed into a leather armor of the cavalry and the infantry"
from Wikipedia germany

I hope i could find some Pictures tomorrow.