Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking Apart Images - Part 10 - Apostelscheidung by Hans Baldun Grien

Apostelscheidung (1521) by Hans Baldung Grien is presented here in black and white.  I'm afraid I haven't found a color image yet.  My only interest in this piece are the objects within it.  The clothing appears somewhat questionable, perhaps even "undate-able".  It's generic without a real foundation in anything.

I can safely say I've never seen a flask (or flasche [German]) like this, but what else could this be?  I love finding flasks in artwork, though I can't say for sure why

Flasche Detail

A satchel, the perfect thing for long trips.  There appears to be a buckle on the shoulder strap and one holding the satchel closed.

Satchel Detail
And a sack that is fashioned to be worn like a backpack.  I've seen these and a little research helped to uncover some information. indicates that the word knapsack originated around 1595 and likely came from the Low German word knappsack.

Knapsack Detail

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