Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking Apart Images - Part 8.5 - Children of the Planets: Mercury and His Children - Clothing Female

I fail miserably when I attempt to name most clothing types, therefore, I will do my poor best at wading through those represented in this piece.  Let's start with the women first... Before I go into detail about each of the women, I find it interesting that each of these women are wearing a completely different ensemble.  We have a woman with no head covering, one with a wreath or coronet (of sorts) and one with wulsthaube and steuchlein.  We also have one with a shortened kleid (overdress), one with a long-sleeved kleid and one with a 3/4 sleeved hemd (underdress or underwear) with a sleeveless kleid over it, yet none of them show the "pregnancy" pleats that were considered common at this point in time.  In any case, on to the detailed analysis.

In the upper right corner is a representation of the Maid.  Her head is uncovered except by a type of coronet and her hair flows freely behind her.  She appears to be wearing a kleid (overdress) that laces up the front with a loose girtle (belt) (likely made of cloth and not leather) around her waist from which hangs a pouch or purse.  The sleeves in this image are laced tightly from elbow to wrist, though I have seen others images that show the lacing from the upper arm to the wrist.  The Maid was the representation of beauty and vanity under Mercury.

The lady standing over the artist at middle right... I like how you can see her hair ties at the back of the head.  There are very few representations that show the back of the head uncovered by a wulsthaube and steuchlein.  She is wearing the loose girtle with a barely discernible pouch or purse and it is interesting to note that her sleeves are not tight, which leave me to conclude that these sleeves likely did not have lacing.  Also, her kleid is short.  It does not appear to be tucked up under her girtle or any other piece of her outfit, therefore, it's unique in my current research.

The lady at the bottom right of the drawing... Wears the basic wulsthaube and steuchlein combination over her hair.  She appears to be wearing a sleeveless kleid that laces up the front and is covering a long sleeved (rolled up?) or 3/4 sleeved hemd.

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