Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking Apart Images - Part 9.2 - Children of the Planets: Saturn and His Children - Tools and Occupations

Let's start with a 15th century Planet Book text concerning the children of Saturn:
My children are vicious, dry and old,
They're lame, misshapen, depraved withal.
Traitorous, brooding, greedy, pale,
They often find themselves in jail.
They grub the dirt, dig graves, plow land,
In foul and stinking clothes they stand.
Condemned to die or live in sorrow,
Sweat and strain, or trouble borrow,
Always needy, never free,
It's Saturn's children there you see.
Therefore, there aren't many occupations under Saturn, but we have the farmer... with his plow, horses and a child helping direct the horses using a whip with a long lead (handle).

Then we have some tools, like a basic shovel...

A long-handled pick...

An axe...

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