Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taking Apart Images - Part 12.1 - Children of the Planets: Jupiter and His Children by Meister Hausbuch

Now it's Jupiter's turn, the second planet.  In the air with Jupiter, we have Sagittarius (the Archer) and Pisces (the fish).  Jupiter's children tend to be hunters, falconers, archers, sailors, judges, men of the court, and scholars.

I'm not quite sure why, but I love all the miscellaneous things that can be found in these drawings that are easily missed by casual perusal.

First, another example of crotal bells in this series...

Chairs used in the field... Whether this was a common practice or used for this drawing, I'm uncertain, but I find it fascinating that most of the more crudely made chairs in these drawings are three-legged (or at least appear to be so).

Chairs for indoor usage... This chair, on the other hand, is obviously a four-legged chair and much more sturdy than it's 'field' counterparts.


Pattens... In studying this drawing I realized a few minor things that I thought I might jot down.  First, in the drawing the pattens are worn by (seen next to) the scholars, the crossbowmen (you can just make out one of them on the center crossbowman where it is hidden just behind the scholar building's roof), and the court scene, yet you do not see them on either of the riders or the peasants.  The peasants are understandable (addressed later), but where do the riders store their pattens while on horseback?  Would they have a special bag that carries them?  Or do they not bring them with the assumption that where ever they are going (whether a distance or back home) will have them ready when they get there?

Also, the court scene shows the various levels of what pattens would have been like for the three classes represented, the noble (very long with heeled arches), the merchant (sedate, utilitarian and lacking heeled arches) and the peasant (doesn't wear them).  Using this as a guideline or pseudo rule, the scholar and the crossbowman appear to fall into the noble category.

Scholar Detail

Merchant Detail

Noble Detail

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