Saturday, May 25, 2013

Drinking Flask, Part 3

And, of course, how it always happens, start to look at one image and something new pokes out at you.  As I was glancing over "bags", I found another flasche from an earlier period which is bringing me back to the wooden flask idea.

St Peter (Grabow) Altarpiece: Rest on the Flight into Egypt (c. 1379-83) from Kunsthalle, Hamburg by Meister Bertram

St Peter (Grabow) Altarpiece: Nativity (c. 1379-83) from Kunsthalle, Hamburg by Meister Bertram

Here is another flasche which looks similar to the one from Luna (Moon) and her children of the Children of the Planets series by Meister Hausbuch (c 1475-85).  Though I believe the detail from this flasche is not impossible with leather by any means, I find that after watching the turned wooden flask from Romania (See: Drinking Flasks, Part 2), I'm tending in my reasoning toward the wooden construction over the leather.  Most leather flasks which I have been able to find show their stitching on the outside of the bottle, not sewn as if to hide the workmanship.  In addition, Hamburg, where these were produced, is in the far northern area of Germany, which removes it from the supposition that it was a neighbor to Romania, which would have made cross-utilization the only factor.

Hopefully I can find more examples over time to help support this premise.

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