Friday, May 31, 2013

Meister Bertram's Altars - Part 1, Grabow Altar

While researching flasks, I found myself returning to Meister Bertram (von Minden / Hamburg) who was alive supposedly circa 1345 to 1415.  Most images I am able to find online refer to one particular piece, the Grabow Altarpiece (1383) in St Petri (or Peter) church, Hamburg.  It is an altarpiece containing 45 scenes of the Apocalypse currently being housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  On accident, I found a German book published in 1905 concerning Meister Bertram, Meister Bertram: Tätig in Hamburg.  This book contains black and white images of the Grabow Altar, the Buxtehuder Altar, the Harvestehuder Altar, the Londoner Altar, and rather detailed reproductions of the sculptures within the Grabow Altar.

Grabow Altar, exterior showing sculptures, 1383
Grabow Altar, interior (front of first image is my assumption), 1383
Left Wing, outside
Left Wing, inside
Right Wing, inside
Right Wing, outside

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