Friday, July 19, 2013

Hans Sebald Beham, A Study Part 4 - Landsknecht (Soldier) Clothing 1525-1547

I can't say that I'm overly confident about most of the dating that has been attributed to these pieces, nor am I overly confident that Hans Sebald Beham produced all of them as only one-third of them contain his monogram.

Landsknecht, 1519

Landsknecht Encampment, circa 1520-1550

Landsknecht, 1520-50

Landsknecht, 1520

Landsknecht, circa 1525-30

Landsknecht, circa 1520-50

Landsknecht, circa 1520-50

Standard Bearer, 1526

Landsknechts, circa 1525-1550

Landsknecht, 1525-50

Landsknecht, 1535-50

The guard near the Powder Cask, circa 1540

Three Soldiers and a Dog, circa 1540

Landsknecht and Dog, circa 1540

Landsknecht, circa 1540-50

Piper, circa 1540-50

Landsknecht, Drummer and Piper, 1543

Landsknecht Gambling, uncertain date

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