Friday, July 26, 2013

Hans Sebald Beham, A Study Part 5 - Bourgouise

I may be classifying the following group of individual incorrectly, but my reasoning was sound at the time I did so.  The following images contain individuals who do not appear to be of the noble or ruling class and yet they do not have the same look as the peasants or military which Sebald Beham has also drawn.  This lead me to conclude that they were of the bourgeoisie, or upper middle class.  Basically, they are dressed too fine to be peasants, but not fine enough to be nobles.

Wedding at Cana, circa 1520

Two Couples and a Fool, circa 1535-50

Prodigal Son Wasting His Patrimony (Prodigal Son series), 1540

Death Masquerading as a Fool, 1541

Ill-Matched Lovers (or the Old Man and Young Woman), circa 1545

Ill-Matched Lovers (or the Old Woman and Young Man), circa 1545

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