Friday, August 2, 2013

After Hans Sebald Beham - ICB

While going through all these images that are attributed to Hans Sebald Beham, I ran across at least one that he produced in 1520, but has a different monogram.  It was not unusual in this point in history for an artist to "copy" another artists work and sell it for his own.  From everything I can tell, plagiarism was not illegal and was rather common.  I have also been unable to track down to whom the monogram on it belongs.  Since the original, which is reversed compared to this one, dates to 1520, this piece should date sometime after that point, unless of course it was Hans Sebald Beham who copied this artist (as this one is much more detailed compared to the other), but I would need to determine who the original artist was to figure that out.

Peasant with a Basket of Eggs

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