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German Artists of Bavaria [Updated: 15 May 2015]

My specific research centers on the Bavarian areas of Germany, therefore I wanted to pull together a preliminary grouping of the artists from that area roughly from 1460-1520.  This will be updated over time.

Artists of Bavaria

Ansbach --

Augsburg --
  • Hans Burgkmair the Elder was born 1473 in Augsburg the son of Thoman Burgkmair (c.1445 - 1523) and later he was the husband to the sister of Hans Holbein the Elder.  Their son, Hans Burgkmair the Younger (c.1500 - 1559), was a painter and engraver also active in Augsburg.  Around 1488 - 1490 he studied under Martin Schongauer in Colmar (Alsace).  He became a member of the painters' guild in Strasbourg (Alsace) in 1490.  From 1491, he was working in Augsburg, where he became a master and opened his own workshop in 1498.  He died in Augsburg in 1531.
  • Hans Burgkmair the Younger was born in Augsburg about 1500, was considered active in Augsburg, and died in 1559, uncertain where.
  • Thoman Burgkmair was born around 1445 and is listed in the records of the Painters' Guild at Augsburg in 1460 and other various public documents through 1479.  He presumably spent his life and work in Augsburg.  He died in Augsburg in 1523.
  • Ambrosius Holbein was born in Augsburg around 1494 the son of Hans Holbein the Elder.  He was brother to Hans Holbein the Younger.  He spent much of his early life in Augsburg, but around 1515 he was living in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland and in 1516 in Basel, Switzerland until his death presumably in 1519.  Therefore, it is most likely that he spent most of his actual career in Switzerland, but that has yet to be verified.
  • Hans Holbein the Elder was born in Augsburg possibly around 1460 - 1465 to Michael Holbein.  Hans was brother to Sigismund Holbein and his sister was married to Hans Burgkmair the Elder.  He had two sons of record, namely Ambrosius Holbein and Hans Holbein the Younger.  He worked in Augsburg from at least 1494 until 1516 when he was declared a tax defaulter in Augsburg and started accepting commissions in other areas, though his name continued to be listed in the Augsburg guild books until around 1524. 
  • Daniel Hopfer aquired citizenship in Augsburg in 1493 until his death in 1536.
  • Caspar Schongauer, father to Martin Schongauer of Colmar, was a goldsmith in Augsburg, though uncertain of when.
Ebersberg --

Freising --

Fridolfing --
  • Master of the Fridolfing Altar of whom very little is known, but he was active at least from 1485-95.

Laufen --
  • Master of the Laufener Hochaltars, or Master of the Laufen Altarpiece, is an artist about which very little is known.
Mondsee --

Munich --
  • Erasmus Grasser is best known for woodwork found in three Munich cathedrals all produced from 1480-1506.
  • Gabriel Mälesskircher was in Munich from at least 1461 and is supposed to have died in Southern Bavaria around 1495, though the exactly location is uncertain.
  • Master MZ was active roughly 1500 - 1510 in Munich.
Nördlingen --
  • Hans Leonhard Schäufelein
Nuremberg --
  • Albrecht Dürer was apprenticed to Michael Wolgemut in Nuremburg, 1486, traveled to Colmar, Alsace and Basel, 1492, to Strasbourg, Alsace, 1493, returned to Nuremburg for his wedding in 1494, only to travel to Italy, 1494-1495, returned again to Nuremburg, 1495-1505  until his death 1528
  • Peter Flötner was born c.1490 in Thurgau.  He probably trained as a goldsmith with Adolf Daucher in Augsburg.  He became a master craftsman in Ansbach.  He moved to Nuremberg in 1522 and took the citizen's oath (Bürgereid ) as a sculptor.  He died in Nuremberg 23 Oct 1546.
  • Hieronymus Hopfer, son of Daniel Hopfer, born in Augsburg c. 1500, but moved to Nuremberg c. 1529 until his death in 1563.
  • Anton Koberger, the German goldsmith, printer and publisher who printed and published the "Nuremberg Chronicle" and established his first printing house in Nuremberg in 1470. He was also the godfather of Albrecht Dürer.
  • Adam Kraft, a German stone sculptor and master builder based in Nuremberg from 1490.
  • Hans Pleydenwurff, probable son of Kunz Pleydenwurff, lived in Nuremberg from 1457 until his death in 1472. 
  • Michael Wolgemut married Hans Pleydenwurff's widow in 1472, took over and ran Hans' workshop and taught Albrecht Dürer.

Passau --
  • Rueland Frueauf the Younger moved to Passau where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.  He lived from approximated 1470 until after 1545.
Regensburg --

Salzburg --

Tegernsee --

Wessobrunn --

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