Friday, July 25, 2014

Strictly SCA... Part II - Chatelaine as a Greater Office

This post is outside the realm of German Renaissance Research, therefore, if you are only reading these posts for German research, you may safely ignore the following.  This is strictly a mental outpouring over a discussion held recently in my own home group.

There was a concern brought up recently in my home group that installing Chatelaine as a Greater Office was going to meet with problems at the Kingdom level.  Whether this is the case or not, I wanted to determine if the general practice for the Chatelaine (with or without an ending "E") or Hospitaler (with or without double "L") office was to be a Greater or Lesser office in all of the Kingdoms.

The following is what I have been able to determine from the Kingdom laws of the various Kingdoms with August 2013 membership numbers in brackets and the Kingdoms ordered by those membership numbers:  [I was going to add per capita population statistics as well, but it became burdensome.]

Middle - Lesser Office (Chatelain(e)) [3345]
East - Greater Office (Chatelaine) [3316]
An Tir - Greater Office (Chatelaine) [3149]
Atlantia - Greater Office (Chatelain) [2400]
Aethemearc - Greater Office (Chatelaine) [1653]
Caid - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [1641]
Meridies - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [1581]
Ansteorra - Greater Office (Hospitaler) [1513]
Lochac - Lesser Office (Hospitaller) [1436]
Outlands - Lesser Office (Chatelain(e)) [1389]
West - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [1306]
Atenveldt - Lesser Officer (Chatelain) [1241]
Calontir - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [1126]
Trimaris - Greater Office (Hospitaller) [1052]
Northshield - Lesser Office (Chatelain(e)) [906]
Gleann Abhann - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [880]
Artemisia - Lesser Office (Chatelain) [798]
Ealdormere -Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [584]
Drachenwald - Lesser Office (Chatelaine) [368]

Quick Summary: 6 of the Kingdoms have the Chatelain(e) as a Greater officer, while the majority (13 Kingdoms) do not.  It also appears that the majority of the kingdoms with Greater Office Chatelain(e)s have a higher overall population with the exception of the Midrealm.  I have no data about when the Chatelain(e) offices became Greater Officers in these Kingdoms or what their population numbers were like before that point.

Since this is not a strong area for me, I can only speculate concerning the importance, or perhaps lack thereof, of this eminently future decision and, unfortunately, none of that speculation is positive, so I will simply leave this with the data.

Personally, I don't believe it matters one way or the other whether Chatelain(e) is a Greater or Lesser office.  The job is still everyone's responsibility, regardless of whether someone is in the office or not.

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