A&S 50 Challenge

Who: Myself and whomever I can drag into it with me. :D
What: A&S 50 Challenge
When: Between now and 1 May 2015, AS 50
Where: Anywhere!
Why: Because it is a marvelous celebration of a landmark date in our Society's history.
How: In the only way I know how, a day at a time.

My list for the A&S 50 Challenge comes from the Persona Challenge [*making/learning 50 different things that your persona would know, have, or know how to do]... In no particular order!

  1. Learn just enough Early New High German to attempt some period manuscript translations
  2. Translate 5 recipes from Das Kochbuoch Gehört der Funckfraw Maria Stenglerin Zu (1554) 
  3. Make 1 of the recipes I've translated 
  4. Translate 5 more recipes from Maria Stenglerin's kochbuch
  5. Make 1 of the new recipes I've translated
  6. Make a set of poulaines for my daughter
  7. Make a set of Landsknecht shoes for my husband
  8. Make a set of points for my husband's Landsknecht kit
  9. Learn how to make period pattens
  10. Determine the 'periodness' of canteen style drinking vessels
  11. Make a girdle book casing
  12. Design a period encampment for German Renaissance personae
  13. Produce 1 piece of furniture for a period encampment (yet to be determined but likely a stool of some sort)
  14. Produce 1 embroidered pillow for a period encampment (perhaps for the stool)
  15. Teach a class to at least 1 person
  16. Teach a class to at least 10 people
  17. Teach a class about the German Renaissance to at least 5 people

More to come!