Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Period German Writings

Unfortunately, I do not speak German, but perhaps over time I'll learn some of it to better effect my husband's choice of garb. That being said, this first link is to a site that contains period texts (in German) from roughly the 9th - 14th centuries. <> The site itself is called Quellen zur mittelalterlichen Reichsgeschichte, which translates very roughly as Research on Medieval History. Sections including Frühes Mittelalter (Early Middle Ages, roughly 800-1000), Hochmittelalter (High Middle Ages, roughly 1000-1300), Spätmittelalter (Late Middle Ages, roughly 1300-1350), Quellen zur Geschichte der Hanse und Preußens (Research on the story of Hanse and Preuben?). The online dictionary I used to find these translations is at <>.

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