Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Findings Thus Far

A single thread is definitely more "invisible". I had a few of my weak double threads break (the threads pulled from the original woven fabric) and found that continuing with the single thread at that point was easier even if not uniform with the rest of the piece, but this is a practice piece, right? I've also discovered that the weaker double threads, as long as they remain untwisted, which tends to happen as you sew, doesn't break as often. I didn't pin my original hem at all. I found it was easier, since I pulled the material apart instead of cut it, to work with the straight line that was already provided.

Here are pictures of how things are looking thus far.

This is the running-stitched hem prior to the rolled hem. The right-hand side is the selveged edge. I'm afraid I didn't iron my material before sewing, which is likely one of the main "no-nos" of sewing, but it hasn't really affected what I've done thus far.

This is the rolled-hem completed. I haven't removed the runningstitch thread yet, tho I'm debating right now if I need to. It will likely make it look neater though if I do, but I don't know how easy it will be to remove.

Thinking about my next step, [that is, the pleats that go over the forehead] I realize that it might have been easier to have planned for them and not completed the rolled hems at the ends of the pleats yet to be completed, but hey, we'll see what happens. I'm also going to use the suggestion on <> and put a piece of canvas under the pleats, but I'm going to experiment with a single canvas layer, not a double as she used. So basically I'm going to have to sandwich the canvas inside the selvege edge of the steuchlein and the pleats. Not quite sure the exact shape or size of the canvas itself, but I have enough to play a little with pins.

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