Monday, October 1, 2007

Limited German Dictionary

I determined that after a bit of looking, I was going to need to have a dictionary of sorts to help me with the German-English language problem. Therefore, I'm going to put together some of the words and their common translations so I don't lose what I'm doing.

formschneider - block cutters; these were the individuals who carved the wood used for woodcuts
futterstoffe - lining, as for clothing
gollar - an extensive collar that was a separate piece of clothing, it usually went a little up the neck, across the shoulders and a little down the front and back, but not much beyond that; styles changed over time
hemd - chemise
mobel - furniture (mobel with two dots over the 'o')
pluderhosen - trousers
schaube - outer coat for both male and female
steuchlein - pleated veil or headcovering [I can't find an actual dictionary translation]
tappert - tabbard (pre 15th Century, forerunner to schaube)
tellerbarret - 'platter hat' [I can't find an actual dictionary translation, but 'teller' is coming up as 'plate' or 'flat']
waffenrock - surcoat or tunic [I'm finding that waffenrock tends to refer to military uniforms, which would make a lot of sense]
wulsthaube - bulge hat or bonnet [I had to split the word into 'wulst' and 'haube' to get it to translate as 'bulging' and 'bonnet']


Wolfger said...

I've seen tellerbarret translated as "platter hat". It at least sounds better than "pizza hat" ;-)

Khaentlahn said...

Sounds reasonable to me and worth using. :)

elfchen said...

if you have some german terms, let they know me, i´m in the reverse situation. I must find english words for my german terms.
And i have already found a lot! :)