Sunday, October 14, 2007

RUSH Classes

I didn't post anything yesterday due to the fact that I went to Fall RUSH and participated in a few hands on classes. (For those outside Calontir, RUSH is the Royal University of Scir-Hafoc, or our kingdom's university. They have, or are supposed to have, 4 sessions a year that are strictly RUSH related.)

The classes I took were as follows:

Sandstone pewter casting, which was used in period for most of the cultures we study. It can be a challenge for the patient impaired, but it looks pretty nice. I have a great handout on it and a few pieces of soapstone to play with, so it should be all good for bit. When I actually work on some of the things I need, like the bag or decorations for clothing, I'll document what I do through them, but here's at least the beginning.

Honeycomb Pleats (or Smocking), which was used on many of the landsknecht cuff and clothing. I have an example of a piece I did in the class as well as a link to the handout on Pleat Embroidery website. I'll post more on my progress with it when I use it.

Carving a Wooden Spoon, which I will work on documenting styles and such that were used in my periods. For now, I have a piece of maple in my possession that isn't quite complete, but I have enough knowledge that I think I can complete it. I still need the tools yet, but we'll work on finding them before the wood completely dries out in about a week (or a month, I forget what he said). As I figure out what I can and can't do with the spoon carving, I'll post my progress.

At any rate, I did a lot of hand's on work (more than I normally do with classes) and my hands and upper arms aren't happy with me today, but I learned a lot and I'm happy with it. I should be able to pass on some of that information to others once I figure out if I'm doing things right or not. ;)

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