Thursday, October 11, 2007

Woodcuts 2

Another site suggested using pine plywood as a beginner wood. Sounds reasonable to me. It's fairly cheap, soft and disposable. Tho using plywood over regular wood has me a bit baffled, but I've never done this before, so what do I know.

The Technique of the Color Woodcut Now this one is interesting, because it takes things a step further into detail. It gives some of the pros and cons to various woods as well as picture representations of some of the carving tools that can be used (which is good for those of us who have *never* carved a thing in our lives). This page is mostly Japanese woodcutting, but the principles and information is still quite valid.

This is a great collection of online jpg woodcuts. The only drawback for me is the fact that I don't know which are actually German. Medieval Woodcuts Clipart Collection

One of the interesting things about this method is that it was used for making playing cards. Generally, you'd make a woodcut of the whole deck, then use stencils to color them in. I still want to try this some time. Which reminds me, I never did put that research on here. Sheesh

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