Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Landsknecht Garb Links

Landsknecht garb is what my husband is wanting me to put together for him. I can safely say I would prefer the more staid side of German Ren, therefore, these links are more for him and not myself. ;) I *might* put together something landsknecht for myself, but I doubt it will be as flamboyant as he's wanting to do. The pictures I uploaded on my first post are landsknecht.

The Real Landsknecht - [http://www.theweebsite.com/landsknecht/]
Gerry & Julie's Landsknecht and Costume Site - [http://home.znet.com/savaskan/germans/]
Landsknecht: University of Sheffield - As of the writing of this post, this website is having difficulties, but since quite a few other sites reference this book, it seemed appropriate to put it here. Once the site is fixed, hopefully it will still be there.[http://www2.shef.ac.uk/misc/personal/cs1jwh/kentwell/landsknecht.html]
The Century of the Tudors, Landsknecht: University of Sheffield - [http://www2.shef.ac.uk/misc/personal/cs1jwh/kentwell/]
Landsknecht Armor - [http://www.varmouries.com/vcat_10.html]

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