Monday, January 29, 2007

Preliminary Artwork Available Online [Updated 08-21-2012]

As I find artwork in my research, I'll add more from time to time. Eventually I'll find images of the outfits I wish to pursue and I'll post them here individually.

Having separate pages on the Paris WebMuseum site, it leads me to believe that the German Renaissance and the Netherlands Renaissance are, though similar, not quite the same. It appears as if one (Netherlands) constitutes more northern areas than the other (German).
  • The Frazzled Frau - This is a great collection of period artwork depicting females from the German Renaissance.

Hopfer, Daniel (ca 1470-1536): Der Standartentrager kampft gegen 5 Soldaten (Standard bearer fighting against five landsknechts, Holl.75 ii/ii, with Funck number 119).

Hopfer, Daniel (ca 1470-1536): Landsknecht mit Frau / Landsknecht with his wife. Eisenradierung/etching. Ca. 20,5 : 14,5 cm (Blattgröße ca. 19 : 24 cm). Bartsch 63; Hollstein 71/II (von III) [c. 1525-1530].

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