Thursday, February 1, 2007

Daniel Hopfer

Whereas my previous post containing information on Albrecht Dürer was full of the general citizen of both Italian and German descent, Daniel Hopfer drew many sketches and etchings containing Landsknecht as well as the common man.

Daniel Hopfer (circa 1470, Kaufbeuren - 1536, Augsburg) was a German artist who is widely believed to have been the first to use etching in printmaking (end of the fifteenth century). He also worked in woodcut and armor.  His etchings in armor are likely the main reason why he drew so many Landsknecht from this period.

I have found an article in The Metropolitan Museum of Art held on the JSTOR website. Unfortunately, it's only accessible through colleges, so I'll have to figure out how to accomplish acquiring the entire piece later, but here's the title and pertinent info for later...

Armor with Etching Attributed to Daniel Hopfer - Stephen V. Grancsay The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. 34, No. 8 (Aug., 1939), pp. 189-192doi:10.2307/3256640

[Personal note: I have found myself gainsayed by JSTOR in the past on other things and it's a bit frustrating, but I'll find a way around it and move forward.]

Voluptas (1500s)

Kunz von der Rosen (c1500s)

Death and the Devil Surprising Two Women (c1500-10)

Portrait of Emperor Maximilian I (c1505)

The Crucifixion (c1500-36)

Title Page by Hopfer from print shop of Johann Miller (1512)

 St George on Horseback Slaying the Dragon (1520)

The Festival (Kulturbilder) (1520)

Three Landsknecht (c1526-36)

Drei Landsknecht (c1526-36)

Unknown Title (Uncertain Date)

The floppy hat that the landscknecht is wearing in this etching is the one my husband appreciates for the garb he is wanting made. Should be interesting!

Landsknecht and Wife (c1525-30)

Landsknecht and Wife (c1525-30)

Officer Accompanied by Four Soldiers (c1530)

Illustration to Proverbs X 4-7 (1534)

The Lovers (Uncertain Date)

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