Monday, October 8, 2007

Fuddling Cup

Now this is a very interesting piece. It's what's called a fuddling cup, which was anywhere from 3 - 6 small cups joined together at the handles (and with holes between them) that allowed a person to drink everything from each cup, only using the one. Sometimes they were referred to as puzzle cups, because some of them were designed in such a way that you could only successfully drink from them without spilling if you drank in a secific order.

Accession number: 24861
Production place: Raeren, Germany
Collection place: Fish Street Hill [City of London] [Oct 1929]
Production date: 1481-1610
Material: ceramic; stonewareMeasurements: H 80 mm; W 80 mm
Museum Section: Post-Medieval
Summary: Incomplete Raeren stoneware fuddling cup (also known as a tripartite jug).
Location: Object stored at Mortimer Wheeler House (Ceramics and Glass store)
Category: Stonewares.
Sub-category: German.

Accession number: A3911
Production place: Raeren, Germany
Collection place: Town ditch, Newgate Street, City of London
Production date: 1475-1525
Material: ceramic; stoneware
Measurements: H 80 mm (including reconstruction)
Museum Section: Post-Medieval
Summary: Restored Raeren stoneware miniature tripartite jug or fuddling cup. Each vessel joined at the centre; with thumbed bases and funnel-necks (restored); one loop-handle. Each vessel decorated on shoulder with faces comprising applied and stabbed features. Dark grey stoneware with patchy grey-brown surface under thin ash-glaze.
Location: Not currently on display. For information contact the Museum.
Category: Stonewares.
Sub-category: German.

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