Monday, October 8, 2007

Pleats Again

I figured with the newest Shire roundtable being centered on head-coverings or hats, I should really get my steuchlein done or close to being done. I did "another" search on easy pleats and I found someone else's blog and a sewing site. I'm thinking I'll have to merge these two sites methods. The sewing site indicated sewing a loose unknotted line along the pleat line, which sounds like a lot of work, but will likely make the pleats more even in the end. Here's the blog showing how she does her knife pleats. Slightly Obsessed This is going to be a bit of work I think, so no time like the present.

Actually, I can use the blog's method across the steuchlein, make about 4 or 5 lines like she does on the edge, iron them flat and hopefully straight, then sew them down by hand across the top as is shown in period. This might actually be the quickest method for me. I'll grab the linen and try tonight. What the heck.

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