Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silk Screen Printing, Silk Painting

Simply as a way to catalog for myself what *isn't* period for me, so I don't attempt to do the research more than once, I'm going to make a list of things that are "Not Period".

1) Silk Screen Printing - Isn't period for 15th-16th century Germany. In fact, according to The History of Screen Printing, screen printing was completely out of period for all but perhaps Oriental persona. (This one cropped up from looking at woodcut printed t-shirts. Our minds run in weird veins sometimes.)

2) Silk Painting - Painting on silk using resists, such as wax and gutta, are not period for anyone in the SCA unless they are doing either a persona from India or China. Apparently silk painting didn't actually hit the European shores until the time of the Bolshevik's or the early 1900s. Introduction to Silk Painting (This one cropped up, because of the drive to paint silk banners in our local area. It made me curious how period it might be.)

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